Evolution of our project – ADaDeDuTon

For this week we can tell you that we arrived to create a link between the QR code and the link of the sample.

Before this, we had a problem with the recovering of the data. Nothing worked, but now it is ok.

Now, when we click on submit, the QR code is displayed on the screen and there is the possibility to print it (print button).

When we scan the QR code with a smartphone, we can access directly to the right sample. All the data encoded by the user are displayed on the browser.

We have now a little problem with the displayed information when we access to the page of the sample with the QR code. All the needed data of the sample are not displayed.

It would be great to display only section with content. Section without content would not be displayed.

We improved the start page to make it more attractive.

The project is now finished !


Evolution of our project – ADaDeDuTon

Last lab, after a lot of researches and tests, we arrived to encode and to recover the data encoded into the database with phpmyadmin. We took our time to create a nice interface. The interface is important for the usage of our project.

On the start page, we can access to each type of supply (HiPMS, BHT, DC and DC Pulse). After this choice, we can fill in the form. There are some sections as References, parameters, electrical parameters, characterization and remark.

When we click on “Valider”(submit) , the web browser sends data to the database.

We change the name of the database but we forgot to change everywhere on the programming pages so we had errors. We solved this issue with a verification.

The next lab, it would be great to create the QR code and to have the possibility to scan this QR code to access directly to the data of the concerned sample.


Weekly report : Electronic labs – April 13th

On Wednesday of this week, it was a lab’s day, we wanted to continue the code in html language. But when we tested the program with the form with a lot of data, the same error appeared. After a long time when we tried to find the error, we asked Ms Devuyst.

We are very happy to announce you we find a solution to our big problem. Our mistake was in the name of the table “references”. Because this word is a dedicated word and so, we can not use it in the name of the table or of the database, for example. So, we changed the table name into “ref” and it works. We also checked for the other table names.

Next steps are:

  • Looking for QR Code programming in html language;
  • Create a reference for each sample;
  • Collect data for each sample and be able to modify the saved data;
  • Define how and when we generate the QR Code.



Weekly report : ADaDeDuTon – QR code and code issues

This report is about the two weeks of Easter holidays. One report for two weeks because we worked less on this project than the week when we have a lab.

During this two weeks, we found how to generate a QR code with PHP. It means that when we create a page for a sample, we can convert the link of the web page to the QR code. When we scan the QR code with a reader, we can access directly to the page of the sample.

After that, we have to finish the programming to save data into the database. But when we tested the program, data were not saved in the database. We tried to find problems in lines of PHP code. We are able to save data in our test page but when we apply the same programming to a bigger form, it does not work.

To solve one of our problems, we decided to code in html language in place of PHP language. So we have to code all the different pages we code in PHP language. These transcriptions will be done during the first lab after holidays.


Electronic weekly report – ADaDeDuTon

This week, we continued to progress in our electronic project with the PHP programming. We are moving in the build of the interface. The aim is to have a pratical interface for scientists of Materia Nova who will work with our program.

We have also installed a QR Code library in the Raspberry pi. Next step is to try this library and generate a QR code with the program. This will be the link to retrieve sample data in the data base. Finally, we will be able to print the QR code and stick it on the sample.

Last Monday, we have explain at the other groups what we do with our project, how we will do it with a little speech in front of the class. The goal of this exercise was to expose difficulties encountered during the project and compare with other group difficulties and maybe find an external solution. For example, we have a problem to connect to the Raspberry pi with its own name, we must to use its IP address each time. We know that another group has the same problem. Maybe we will find the solution with them.

For next time, we will continue the PHP programming and improve the interface. We will try to resolve the connexion to Raspberry pi with its name. We will try the QR code method to generate the link.


Lab on Raspberry Pi – ADaDeDuTon

For this week, after having installed all the different software on the Raspberry Pi, the team was ready to begin the first tests with the database MySQL thanks to “PHPMyAdmin”.

We learned a lot of things about the language PHP. It is necessary for the next of our project. We can produce dynamics web pages with a database thanks to this language.

Codes lines will be made with the program “Notepad ++” on the computer. Then, these codes lines will be integrated on the raspberry with another program that can be used on this. This program is “WinSCP”. After that, these lines will be generated to create a web page.

With the web interface PHPMyAdmin, we can create four databases in MySQL:

  • the first one is HiPIMS;
  • the second is BHT;
  • the third is DC;
  • the fourth is Pulse DC.

Those databases come from the different melding processes used by Materia Nova for their samples.

In these databases, we found how we can create different data that will be introduced by the user.

These data will be introduced by the user on a web page thanks to the code created by PHP and will be stored on the MySQL database thanks to “PHPMyAdmin”.