Team 10 – Final video

Hello, here is our final video : Project in its daily use.


There is the link of the instruct table that explain everything about the project :


————————- Thanks and see you soon ————————-

De Monceau Nicolas

Depotter Xavier

Février Thomas

Moriau Mickel

Vanus Francois


HELHa Mons – Applied electronics and electrotechnics course – Second year of master degree – 2018



The FunTechTeam : Software

Hello, my name is ZARE Abdoul Latif and I’m a member of FuntechTeam.

Today I speak about our project Software part.

To begin we Import libraries.

Here we declare an array for the leds declaration. Here it’s a sensors declaration.

We declare also different variables for timing control.

Here it’s different coefficient declaration. This coefficient allows to put different point when the gamer touch several times the same sensor.

And this line code allows to switch off all led for game starting.

In the setup function, we put the I/o type. For led it’s an output and for the different sensors it’s an input. We also put the score at 0.

In the loop function, we take the current time and we call the Detected function.  But what’s the Detected Function?

In the Detected function, we set what happen when each sensor is detected. First step is to verify if the sensor is hit. If it’s true, during the interval time we display the led thinks to the “LedsPay” function, and we update the score with the “Score” function. We do that for each sensor.

I talked about “LedsPlay “function and “Score” function. But what’s that?

The “ledPlay” function is a function that command the led. For each sensor we have one or two led. So we have “ledPlay” function for each different led. And in this function, we have different command to light different colors.

For the Score Function, it’s a function where we increase the score. We have several “score” function because the sensor doesn’t have the same point and when the gamer hit several times the same sensor the score increases mores.

But how display the score?? To display the score, we use a screen. And we have function to do that. The function name is “Score Display”.  It allows to display the score.

We have other display function, for example to tell gamer when he loses the game. It’s “OutDisplay”.

And another display function when the game starts; it’s “InDisplay”.

After this movie I think that our software will have no more secrets for you

Think you for watching and see you!!!

Team 5 – Final video

Hello people,

Find here the final video presenting our project and the Instructable.

Thank you for watching !



The project concerns the automated management of a greenhouse in order to save water and save time.

Our friend Armand will therefore spend much less time following the watering of his plants.

Used material Foscam DC converter Funduino soil moisture sensor Digiten normally closed water solenoid valve, a quater of an inch.
Liquid water level sensor Songle relay SRD-05vDC-SL-C for arduino Arduino uno is a microcontroller .
One hundred liter tank pipe wire

Assembly diagram

THIRD STEP: Software description

Team 5

Team 5 – Presentation of the software

Episode fourth

In this fourth episode, our galactic team reveals its secrets to the Earth.

All codes will be described to facilitate the understanding of each human and allow the reproduction of this technology.

Let’s continue right now following their adventures…

No stress human, this arduino language is very simple to understand for you, simple human.

The code starts by setting the pin numbers of the variables.

This first variable select the input pin for the potentiometer.
The second variable to store the value coming from the sensor.

Then we have the void setup where we set the mode of each pin (output or input).
At the beginning of the loop, the program reads the value of the humidity sensor and we use the serial print function to print it in the serial monitor.
We also set the level led to low, if the switch, it’s a level sensor, is high, which means circuit is closed, the led lights up to tell everyone to refill the tank
And if the value of the humidity sensor is lower than a value of 400 that we tested, the relay get the HIGH signal on his control pin and then closes his circuit to power the normaly closed solenoid valve that will then open itself to water the plants.

If all is clear for you, so we have fill ours mission.
We are very happy to save Earth peoples.

That our alliance will forever be steeped in history.
The 748 team of the Andromeda Galaxy on April 2018.
Bye friend of the earth.
That our alliance will forever be steeped in history.


Team 5 – Presentation of the hardware


In this video, we will talk about hardware of our projet.
For this project, we will use different electronic device (like DC CONVERTER
sensor, solenoid valve, relay, arduino board) and other material like tank and pipe.

-> Firstly, Foscam DC converter allow to change two hundred and twenty alternative
voltage of electrical network into twelve direct voltage that we need.

-> Secondly, Funduino soil moisture sensor can detect the humidity of the soil.
it is very sensitive and work with three and five voltage and direct current less
than twenty milliamp. it has two pins

-> Thirdly,digiten normally closed water solenoid valve, a quater of an inch.
Its rated power is four point eight watt and need twelve voltage direct current
to work. It turn on water when system start and cut off water when system stop.
Its working pressure is nut to o point eight of megapascals

-> Liquid water level sensor: it is made of plastic and used to sense the level of
water in a tank. Its switch power is ten watt maximum. the maximum of switch current
is o point five amp. It does not work above one hundred and twenty five degree

-> Songle relay SRD-05vDC-SL-C for arduino: the relay has two different types
of electrical inside, normally open and normaly closed. Using one or the other
depend on if we want five voltage signal turn the switch on or turn the switch off.
Its nominal coil voltage is five and its structure is flux free type. The coil
sensitivity of this relay is o point fourty five watt and switching capacity
available by ten amp in spite of small size.

-> Arduino uno is a microcontroller. It has fourteen digital input/output. It is the
most important device of our project.

-> At the end, we use two hundred liter tank and pipe


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