Craft Brewery – Final video

Hello everyone,

This is our final video with a summary of the different stages of our project. You will also find an explanation of the functioning of the brewery.


We also made an instructable with all the instructions to realize our model of artisan brewery. Follow the link below:


See you soon !

For the group 7,

J-C Deparis

Craft brewery : Hardware

The goal of this video is to present the necessary material for our project.

List of materials:

  • A structure to support the tank;
  • A pan of 30 litters;
  • A hot plate to heat;
  • A copper tube to cool;
  • A pump to flow the cool fluid trough the copper tube;
  • A temperature sensor PT100;
  • A Raspberry PI;
  • A relay 5V input – 220V output;
  • A breadboard;
  • Some electric cables;
  • Some flexible tubes.

The pan contains the mixture which need to be kept in the right range of temperature. The heating and the cooling system serve to keep this range of temperature.

We must control the action of the heating and the cooling system. So, The PT100 releves the temperature and send it to the Raspberry. The Raspberry is programmed to compare the temperature to a consign. If the mixture is too cool, the Raspberry send a 5V signal to the relay which powers the heating system with a 220V system. If the mixture is too hot, there is no signal in the relay and it’s connected to power the pump and flow the cool fluid.

The pump is not present on the video but it will be arrive soon and allows us to finish our project soon.


See you soon,

For group 7,

J.-C. Deparis


Craft brewery: libraries

Brewery – Dead link

New link : Libraries

Hello everybody, I am Arthur Renard and for my electronics project I will present yourseelf our differents libraries.

The different libraries that I am going to speak about are the one we used for programming our raspberry pi.

At the beginning we had to install raspbian on our raspberry. For this task, we had to create a bootable SD card and we did it with the ApplePi Baker software. When the SD card has been made we put it in the raspberry and we powered the raspberry. Lots of lines appeared at the screen, we wrote sudo raspi-config on the keyboard. Then the interface appeared, from this moment we had to change the language, the QWERTY keyboard to the AZERTY and we changed the password.

Now i’m going to present you the two methods of connexion: SSH and the VNC connexion.

The ssh is used with the terminal of the mac and we had just to know the IP of the raspberry and to write ssh pi@ IP ADRESS. Then it configures itself and now we are able to use the raspberry without screen an keyboard. Only with the mac.

The second method is the vnc, it is able to control the raspberry with the mac. For this step, we had just to install the vncserver on the mac and on the raspberry. After the configuration we can use the rasperry with the mouse and the keyboard of the computer.

Then we need to install the module RPI.GPIO. The module allow an connection between the Raspberry and the breadboard.

We will now install the Apache web server that allows the machine to analyse the requests coming from the user and return the file matching with this request. With Apache we are now able to use HTML contents.

To use our web page we will now have to use PHP contents. PHP is one language that is read and executed directly on the server (the raspberry). After the server send it on the HTML web page.

Now that everything is made we will have to do the code on the raspberry but that is for one other video.

Thank you for listening see you soon!

Craft brewery

Hello every one,

Below, you will find few words about the members of our team and a short description of our craft brewery project in a video.

My name is Cornil Thibaut and I am in the second year of an industrial engineering master’s degree. I like renovating old houses and that’s why I’ve chosen a building branches. I like tasting new beers and tinkers too. Inventing new things and working in a team to improve a project really interests me. If we could taste the manufactured beer after the realisation of the automation, it would even be better.

I’m William Decoster. I’m a motivated 5th year-student in an industrial engineering master’s degree. I chose a specialization in special techniques in building because I like this domain. I like sports, especially running. I am very passionate about mechanical sports. I am also passionate about electronic music.

My name is Jean-Charles Deparis and I’m 25. I’m in the second year of an industrial engineering master’s degree. I also have an electromechanical engineering, major thermal engineering and HVAC bachelor’s degree. With this specialization, I hope to be able to help the team with the heating and cooling system of our craft brewery project.

My name is Florent Désert. I’m 26, I have a bachelor’s degree in automotive with a specialization in electromechanics. I also have a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering with a specialization in electromechanically. I’m continuing my studies to have a master’s degree in industrial engineering with a specialization in mechanics.

I am Arthur Renard, I am in second year of master in engineering sciences with this text I will introduce myself. I am really interested in the building sector that’s the reason why I am in the Building section. My favourite hobby is the brewing indeed I spend a lot of time producing beer. This is why I’ve chosen this topic because I have always wanted to automate this process.


See you soon,
For the group 7,
J.-C. Deparis