Carassus Project Presentation – Team 8


After many discussions, we decided to work on the Carassus project. This project consists in a system that controls the filtration of the water pond and feeds the fish automatically when it is needed.

A pond filter keeps the water clean, clear and algae-free by introducing sufficient oxygen into the water. The filter also gets rid of ammonia that is the primary waste product of fish but can also come from dead fish, dead algae in the pond. If you have laid a beautiful pond you want to enjoy it continuously.

Some people feed their fish once a day and let their filtration system runs all day throughout the year. But that is not the best way to take care of your pond.
Our Carassus system takes care of the filtration system during winter by switching off the pond’s pump.

The amount of food needed for pond fish depends upon their activities which is closely tied to the water temperature. It is generally best not to feed them when daytime temperature falls below 8 degrees C because it can result in food being uneaten and polluting the water or causing internal problems to the fish. Carassus delivers a specific amount of food when the temperature is above 8°C.

The pump has to be switched off during winter because fish are not eating much and are not producing the harmful ammonia that filters get rid of. Moreover it can create a warmer level of water at the bottom where the fish are staying and thus increase electricity costs for nothing. Carassus does not filter the water neither overnight nor when daytime temperature is below 8°C. The filter pump is activated if both of the temperature and brigthness conditions are met.

The next video is going to be about the hardware part of the carassus system.
Thanks for watching.

Thanh Bednarz

Presentation of the project – Team 1


Hello everyone,

In this video, we will inform you about our project idea. We thought to make an automatic fish feeder.

If you have ever forgot to feed your fish or if you are so busy that you don’t have much time to take care of it and then it finishes to be part of the furniture, this project idea which should interest you.

As you should know, a fish needs some requirements to live in good conditions:

  • The size of the aquarium has to be big enough to give space to fishes to swim freely;
  • The water has to be filtered permanently. It also has to be aerated and partially renewed to decrease undesirable substances concentrations. Finally, the water has to be kept in an optimal range of temperature, depending of the kind of fish.
  • The fishes have to be fed up to twice per day.


In this, we will begin to manufacture the automatic feeder. Depending of our progression and the remaining time, we could add other devices to obtain a complete automated aquarium.

There are different technologies for the feeder. The most commonly used are the worm screw system or a system composed of a servomotor with a drum and a flap.

Finally, after some discussions with the other members of the team, we chose the second one, especially because it allows to use different types and sizes of flakes.

And as fishes need to live in optimal temperature conditions, we also thought to incorporate a water temperature measure which will be displayed on a screen. If this temperature is outside the optimal range, a sound or visual alarm will engage.

So this is our project idea. Stay tuned to have more details…

Team 4 – Presentation of the project


Hey ! How are you today ?

This time I will present you the subject of our electronics project. My team likes to play cards together. Our best card game is the “belot”. In most cases, four players are necessary to play. The players are divided in teams of two and are seated opposite each other. One of the two teams undertakes to do more points than the other. So the scoring is an important part of the game.

Each card rank has a specific scoring value and changes if it’s the trump or not. It is also possible to score with declarations. Declarations are particular sets of cards held in players’ hands, which give players extra points if announced!

There are three sorts of declarations:

  • 4 cards of the same rank, called “square”.
  • Sequences from 3 to 8 cards of the same suit.
  • “Belot” is King and Queen of any trump suit held together in one player’s hand.


There are a lot of situations that makes the calculation difficult. That is why we decided to develop a scoring system for the belot. The system will look like a little box with many push buttons according declarations and each card rank. There will be also a screen to display the score.


In the next video, we will present you the hardware !

See you soon,

Thomas, for the TEAM four !

Team Protoxyde: Project presentation

This video is presented by : Janus Benjamin

Hello Everyone,

We  introduced you a video of the presentation about the team Protoxyde few weeks ago. The aim of this article is introduced to you the outline of our project. For own part, we only use an Arduino because we don’t have the utility of the second one.

The goal of the project is simple, we want to reduce the different orders of a standard motorbike.  We’re moving from a classic handlebar with the switch indicators, the lights or the speedometers to a black box with only four push buttons and a screen.  The screen will be use to inform the pilot of her speed with a Global positioning System or another numeric data as temperature or time.

This idea has been considering because one of us have an old motorcycle and he wanted to do a new wiring. It was a good opportunity for the group to work on a practical subject and have an intelligent electrical wiring for this member.

We will try to show you an example of the objective.

For the button A : one clic could be use to blink the right indicator , double clic to blink the left indicator. You could also do a long clic to blink de warning. If you want to finish the session you can do another click on the same button to light off.

To discover the other function, we will invite you to see next video and see the evolution of our project!

Next video will talk about the hardware!

Looking forward to seeing you next month!

Team 5 – Presentation of the project


Due to the withdrawal of the USA from the Paris climate agreement by the decision of the President Trump, the ecosystem of the earth has been severely damaged.

The drought that followed caused a severe famine with important human losses.

The space crew came with the ingenious solution witch consists of drilling to the depth of a ground water table to draw the water, to store it and wisely redistribute the water, thanks to their advanced technology.

This advanced technology based on a microcontroler using level and moisture sensors to control a solenoid valve.

The whole allows an automatised management of the plant’s watering in order to avoid any waste of the most precious ressource on the Earth which is water.

Louhichi Mohamed-Ali

Team 10 – Presentation of the project


For our project we are in collaboration with the brewery Dubuisson which is in Belgium in the locality of Pipaix. They wanted a new way to advertise their beer like the Troll to customers and to attract their attention with a video or an animation. For the moment, the beer they sell the most and which is best known is the Troll. To be able to promote their beer in the bars where their pumps are installed, he uses a design with a Troll glass on top of it.  With this in mind, they add the idea of adding a screen on a beer pump to advertise the beer being served. Thereafter, this type of pump could be used to serve and advertise other beers of their production. Like we said in the previous video, we really like beer and we ask them to work together to create this. For the realization of the project, we will use a Troll pump unused by the brewery to create a model. For the hardware, the controller will be an Raspberry Pi model B with a Touch screen and to know when a beer is being served, it will use a flowmeter installed on the pipes of the pump. The objective is to display a video when the barman serves a beer and to display a picture when nothing happens. To make this possible, we will have to create an interface in order to load the video, create the program to play this video at the right time but also make the sensor connection with our controller.


Mickel Moriau

Techmonia: Presentation of the project

Hello everyone,

A few weeks ago, our colleague introduced you to a video of the Technmonia team. Today, we will present to you the general idea of the project containing both an arduino and a raspberry pi.

The aim of the project is to install ammonia sensors at various strategic points in the chemistry laboratory. This allows both an indication of ammonia in the air but also to notify the laboratory manager in case of reaching the critical rate to prevent any danger related to this gas.

However, after discussions with the laboratory manager, he ensures that it is not necessary to develop such a system due to the aeration conditions (ventilation system, hoods). Therefore, we will place sensors near the air extractions capable of detecting any unwanted increases in ammonia.

The aim of our application is therefore that the laboratory manager will be warned when a student forgets to activate the air extraction system before that the level of ammonia in the air exceed the critical rate. In addition, a hearing system (buzzer or other) may also be activated so that the student is informed of his oversight.

To achieve this project, several components are essential:

  • Two ammonia gas sensors to measure the level of ammonia in the air. These sensors have a concentration rage between five and five hundred parts per million and a working voltage of 5volts.
  • Two cards called Arduino Genuino 101 able to power sensors thanks to a 5volts output and to interpret the data received. In addition, thanks to the Bluetooth low energy connection, they are also able to ensure communication by avoiding the use of cables.
  • A Raspberry Pi ensuring both the recording of data and the sending of alarms.

Thank you for your follow-up and see you in a few weeks for software development.

The Techmonia Team.