Presentation of the group 1


Hello everyone,

In this video, we are presenting you our team for our Applied Electronics and Electrotechnics project. We are studying to be graduated as electromechanical engineers in Belgium, the school name is HELHa Mons.

Here are the members of the group:

  • Mohamed Bouyaara, 24 years old, from Charleroi, studying thermal technics.
  • Timothé Malonne, 22 years old, from Mettet, studying building technics.
  • Guillaume Van Baelen, 23 years old, from Godarville, studying mechanical technics
  • Clément Servais, 22 years old, from Vieux-Condé in France, studying mechanical technics

Our strengths are that we are from different specialisations and we know each other for 2 years. We have also realised other projects together.

Our weaknesses could be that none of us have facilities in coding and it could be an obstacle for us. Another problem is as we don’t have the same schedule, the meetings would be difficult to organise.

Our first goal is to work on an unknown coding software in order to make a practical project. This project has to serve people in their daily life.

Another goal is to overcome our weaknesses in coding to make an useful project
Our project is coming soon, so stay with us to learn more about it…

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