Team 8 – Secured & Automated Front Door #5


This topic is about the softwares we used in our project.

Globaly, three devices are used : an Arduino UNO, a Raspberry Pi and a Smartphone. However, four languages are required to manage those devices.

  1. Arduino for the UNO to be command properly. This part has to manage the inputs and the outputs of the system : IR sensors for the counter and a motor for the locking system. It also contains a function to communicate with the Raspberry using the Serial connection.
  2. Python for the Raspberry to control the global process. Another task for the Raspberry is to manage the outputs of the Arduino considering the inputs received from the Arduino. A second part manages communication with the Arduino but also with the Android device (Smartphone).
  3. Java (via Android Studio) to manage the tasks of the Smartphone (secret code, enable alarm, display counter). This Java program has to communicate with the Raspberry using a Local Area Network (LAN) communication by the use of a socket. The Smartphone is thus connected as a client on a server located on the Raspberry. The Android device can read easily variable stored in the Raspberry.
  4. XML (via Android Studio) language manages the display on the screen of the Smartphone. For instance, combining XML and Java allows to show different views or buttons on the Smartphone.

The softwares took lots of time to be developped. They still require some time to be enhanced and implemented on the model. Nevertheless performed tests were promising.

The next video will be the last one and will summarize all the project and show the final model. Moreover, an instructable will be published with all the relevant information and codes for the softwares. Those will be pubished in about a week.

Thank you for following our project and don’t miss our last video.


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