Data acquisition – Future usages & applications

Hello everybody! Today, for the last video, I am going to talk about the communications between the car and the controlling base. Next, we made an interview of a potential customer and I am going to talk about the future of our project.

Currently, our project collects the data of a car using some components into a box in the car that we showed you in a previous video.

This information is sent to the SQL database and the fleet manager can control the state of each vehicle of his fleet.

If he sees some possible dysfunction, he can warn the actual driver of the vehicle about the problem and avoid the accident.

But this project can be used for other applications, more and more customers are interested in our project and we want to know why. So, to answer this question, we made an interview with a big customer:

Interviewer: « So, why are you really interested in our project?”


” Well, I am very interested by your project because currently, our company has some logistical issues. We are having a hard time estimating accurately the time of arrival of trucks. We need to communicate a lot with our drivers to have an up-to-date ETA (estimated time of arrival). But this communication can distract them from doing their job properly.

So, this project allows us to communicate between the truck in late and the operator in logistic with the GPS can organize to take another truck which isn’t late. All this without involving and thus distracting the lorry driver. The information of the location of the trucks would allow to circulate safely in our company and would improve our logistical efficiency.

Your project could even allow us to control all components of the truck and to be informed immediately if they have an issue.

Interviewer: “Ok, thank you very much for this interview and your interest of our project.“

Customer: “you’re welcome”

So, in the future, we want to develop our project to have an interactive dialogue with the car using another libraries. For example, we would be able to send a request to the car to check if the door are closed, if the oil and fuel are correct.

For now, we hope that you enjoy our project and the possibilities than it offers. Don’t hesitate to check out our other videos and see you soon perhaps in our office to sign a contract!

Good bye!

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