Brewery project : Software

Hello everybody!

Today, we are going to explain the informatic code of our project: A brewery.

First, you have to know that we use an Arduino and a Raspberry in our project. About the code in the Arduino, we have worked with several steps. A variable named étape, which increases itself at the end of each step, allows to jump to the next step. The brewing process requires several heating phases and several temperature regulation phases. So, when the user pushes on the button, the variable étape change from 0 to 1 therefore, the code can go to the step one. The step one is a heating phase until 68°c. when the temperature is over 68°c, the variable étape change from 1 to 2 therefore, the code can go to the step 2. The step 2 is a temperature regulation phase. Here, the code regulates a temperature of 68°c during 1 hour. The step 3 and the step 4 work on the same way but with a different temperature. During these 4 steps, the mixer operates. The step 5 is an alarm to prevent the user that he has to decant the beverage from the first tank to the second. In the second tank, there are the same steps but with different temperatures. About the raspberry code, it allows to show the number of the step, the temperature of the beverage and the countdown.

The project is nearly done. The next step is the electrical connection between each component.

Thanks for following us!

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