Team 8 – Secured & Automated Front Door #4 – Model


Installation of the system

For the tests of our codes and the materials we decided to stand up a front door in my garage. I’m explaining all the constructions we did to prepare this door.

We thread a wooden plank on each side of the doorjamb and then we thread these two planks in a beam. This system can easily be removed and reinstalled.

Just next to the door, a plank is attached. On this plank we can install the Arduino, the Raspberry-Pi and the different electric cables.

We drill a hole in the doorjamb to install the infrared sensor to see if the door is locked or not.

Finally we bought a lock that we are going to rotate to close or open it. When we will be sure that it works we jare just threading this lock in the doorjamb.


At this moment, codes are almost ready and the test will begin soon. Stay tuned to know more about the progress of our project.


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