Data acquisition – Software

Hello, i am going to talk about the program of our project. We decided to use an electrow simduino to carry out this project. It combines an Arduino uno and Sim 808 module. So with the simduino we can use the integrated development environment of arduino.


The program starts by importing the required libraries and the declaration of the different variables.Antoine has already presented you those libraries in the last video. Like every Arduino project, you can also find a setup part. This part allows the program to initialize the different modules we use and their communication process.


The next part is the loop. This part is the main part of the program and can be divided in 4 steps.The first step is about the acquisition of the position of the car. A function is used to test if the GPS connection is on. After the test, if the simduino receive a GPS signal, then this signal will be used to locate the car. Otherwise, the GPRS location will be used. It is less precise but works quite well, even inside buildings like multi-storey car park (GPS wouldn’t work in those conditions).

The second step of the program concerns the date and time acquisition. First of all, getTime() function will be used to recover the date.


Then, multiple functions will be used to be able to recover data from the electronics of the car. This data will contain the engine rpm and the car’s current speed.


The last step consists in storing all the informations acquired during the 3 other steps (location, time, rpm, speed). We use multiple means of storage. The first one is the microSD card we can find on the Arduino. Every data acquired will be stored on it.

The second one is an sms-based “storage”. It allows the Arduino to transmit the informations he is acquiring live through sms. It would be too costly to send all the data so only one sample of data will be sent upon request. That request is also a SMS sent to the Arduino.

The third mean of the storage is the more attractive but it is still in development at the moment. This mean would allow the Arduino to store Data on a SQL database through the wireless mobile telecommunications.

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