Craft brewery : Hardware

The goal of this video is to present the necessary material for our project.

List of materials:

  • A structure to support the tank;
  • A pan of 30 litters;
  • A hot plate to heat;
  • A copper tube to cool;
  • A pump to flow the cool fluid trough the copper tube;
  • A temperature sensor PT100;
  • A Raspberry PI;
  • A relay 5V input – 220V output;
  • A breadboard;
  • Some electric cables;
  • Some flexible tubes.

The pan contains the mixture which need to be kept in the right range of temperature. The heating and the cooling system serve to keep this range of temperature.

We must control the action of the heating and the cooling system. So, The PT100 releves the temperature and send it to the Raspberry. The Raspberry is programmed to compare the temperature to a consign. If the mixture is too cool, the Raspberry send a 5V signal to the relay which powers the heating system with a 220V system. If the mixture is too hot, there is no signal in the relay and it’s connected to power the pump and flow the cool fluid.

The pump is not present on the video but it will be arrive soon and allows us to finish our project soon.


See you soon,

For group 7,

J.-C. Deparis


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