The protected house : The model

Hello, my name is Lekman and this is the fourth video about our project : the protected house. In this video I will explain how we built the model. Let’s go !

First of all, we drew a plan of the house. This first step is very important because we must have a well developed plan so that we can follow it easily when building the model.

Afterwards, we started building the structure of the model with wooden plates. Before fixing the entire structure, we created the holes for the doors and windows of the house. After that, we used flat angle brackets and screws to fix the structure.

Then we cut rectangular wooden plates to create the doors and we fixed them with hinges and screws. For the windows, we cut rectangular plates in plexiglas which we then fixed with hinges and glue.

In order to detect the opening and closing of doors and windows, we have fixed magnetic contactors. We have created electromagnets to enable the locking of doors. For this, we wound an insulated copper wire around a nail as you can see on these pictures. Then we fix these electromagnets with plastic fasteners and screws. To create contact with these electromagnets, we screwed metal hinges on each door.

Finally, we realized the electrical wiring. In order to facilitate this task, we have drilled holes near each door and window to pass all the wires through the bottom in a sheath. For power supply, we used a 12 volt power supply for the electromagnets and a 24 volt for the relays. Indeed, we have connected the electromagnets to relays to control the opening and closing of the doors. On the other hand, the magnetic contacts were connected to a terminal block and then connected to the Arduino.

Here, thanks to this video you will be able to build the same model in your home. Thank you for watching and see you soon for the next video.

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