The chicken house: hardware



Hello guys,

To remember our team works on an automated chicken house.

This post is about the hardware of our project.

The building of the chicken house

The chicken house is:

  • 800 mm wide;
  • 1600 mmlong;
  • 1000 mmhigh.


To allow the chickens to lay comfortably, we have decided to create a nest box of 300mm on 300mm.


The height of the door is more or less 450 mm. Because of this, the sliding door is 350 mm high. Effectively, when the chickensgoin or out, they have to lower their heads.


To allow the aeration of the chicken house when the temperature is too high, we have created an airing trapdoor of 400 mm on 140 mm. Furthermore, to prevent the entrance of small, undesirable, animals by this trapdoor, we have fixeda mesh in front of the trapdoor.


The chicken house is mainly built in wood:

  • The framework is built in wooden rafters.
  • To cover theframework, we have used sheets of wood.
  • The doors, the airing trapdoor, the nest box are also built in sheets of wood.


Otherwise, the roofing is made of plastic. We have used plastic sheets.

And for the flooring, we have used metal sheets.

To build the chicken house, we have used:

  • A circular saw and a jigsaw to cut the wooden rafters and the wooden sheets at thegood dimension;
  • A screwer to screw the wooden sheets on the framework;
  • A hammer to nail the framework.

The supply of provisions

For the supply of water, we have used a conical, purchased, drinking trough.

For the supply of seed, we have used a manger. The manger is asecond-handhopper of pigs.


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