Craft Brewery – Final video

Hello everyone,

This is our final video with a summary of the different stages of our project. You will also find an explanation of the functioning of the brewery.


We also made an instructable with all the instructions to realize our model of artisan brewery. Follow the link below:


See you soon !

For the group 7,

J-C Deparis

Team 2 – Automated dice game – 421

Hello everyone,

Here is our final post regarding our project. We published an instructable where you can find all the information you need to make your own automated 421 !

It is right here :

You can also check Joachim’s final overview of our project out here :

Finally, we made a video to introduce you our full project, you can find it here :

We hope you will enjoy playing 421 with your friends, see you soon !

Automatic bartender (last post)

Hello everyone,

This is our last post, our automatic bartender is functional. We can order all the cocktails that we want with the application on our phones and the device we’ve built serves us.

Some points evolved during the project to face the difficulties. So, to help you to do it by yourself, we’ve made an instructable to allow you to easily reproduce our project. To see it, follow this link :

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to comment the instructable and ask.

We’ve also made a video (see below) with an advertising, some explanations about the device and the improvements that could be made with a financial support. Thanks to that video you will be able to see the result of our work.

This project was a great challenge for us, we hope you enjoyed following us. We also hope we gave you the desire to do it.

We wish you all the best.

The Cocktailteam.

Team 2 – Automated dice game – Our model

Here’s our post about our model. This post will explain you how we made our model and where we will place the different components.

The game is made of wood and steel pieces we had as scrap. The hardware is composed of a board game painted in green to maximise the recognition of the dice, a USB webcam stands on top of a steel support, a screen and an electric motor. The height has to be enough to allow the camera to see the whole game plate. The score will be displayed on the screen. The plate will rotate to be positionned in front of each player. To do this, the electric motor is placed under the platform and is controlled by the arduino. The dice recognition is done by the raspberry pi.

You’ll also find information thanks to this video :

Hope you’ll enjoy it, see you soon !