Team 8 – Secured & Automated Front Door #3 – Libraries


A major part of the code is on the Raspberry and we will therefore use libraries under python:

String              will allow us to manipulate the strings and to transfer the informations recorded                         by the Arduino to the Raspberry

Math               is a library that we could use in the code of our alarm and meter

Time                is a library that will be useful to time our alarm

Serial               is the library allowing communication between Arduino and Raspberry

Logging           could be used to increase the security of our installation

Socket             will be required to connect the app and the Raspberry


We will also use some Arduino libraries because the control of our stepper motor will be encoded on it.

Servo               which is useful for controlling a servo motor

AccelStepper  which is an improved version of the Stepper library on several points including:               it supports acceleration and deceleration and it supports 2, 3 and 4 wire                             steppers, plus 3 and 4 wire half steppers.

MultiStepper  can be used to support devices with multiple steppers on a multiple axes to                                 cause linear diagonal motion

See you soon for the next post!

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