Team 4 : Drugs dispenser – Software libraries (third post)

The video

Python libraries

Hello, this post is about the libraries that we are going to use in our python program. At first, we had decided to create a website using the library flask but we realized that it was not needed that the application was available online.  So we decided to simply create a graphic interface using the TKinter library.

The TKinter library allows us to build different kind of windows using widgets (like Checkboxes or buttons,….). The interface will be used by the user to enter the names of the patients and the different medicines he has to take on different times of the day.

There are other libraries that we are going to use but we didn’t talk about them in the video because we didn’t know that we were going to use them at the time we made the video.  These libraries are pyserial and maybe hashlib.

The purpose of pySerial is to be able to send data from the raspberry Pi to the arduino. This is needed to tell the arduino which medicine and how many he has to drop in the cup.

The last one is hashlib. This library is used to encrypt data using hash algorithms. We would use this library to encrypt the password the user must enter to access the python software. But we are not sur yet wheter a password will be required or not to access the software.

Arduino libraries

In arduino, the only library that we are going to use is the stepper library to control our stepper motors. Thanks to that library, we can easily and precisely control our motors.

This is it for the moment, but later we might decide to use more libraries. If so, it will be explained in the next videos.

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