Automatic bartender (post 3) : software librairies

In computer science, a library is a collection of non-volatile resources (which is a type of computer memory) used by computer programs, often to develop software. These may include configuration data, documentation, help data, message templates, pre-written code and subroutines, classes, values or type specifications.
Library code is organized in such a way that it can be used by multiple programs that have no connection to each other, while code that is part of a program is organized to be used only within that one program.
This way to organize a library is really interesting to reuse it whenever you want in a program or in another one.
Moreover, it helps the “junior” programmer to begin or to develop his own code with a reliable piece of code.
So I will describe you which library were used, where it comes from and why it is useful in our project:
Let’s begin with the libraries coming from Arduino and the Serial one, this library is used to communicate between the Arduino and other components. We are using it to communicate with the raspberry pi. Serial:
Then, the LCD is chosen because, like its name said, a LCD screen is used to display the different choices and the preparation state of the cocktail. LCD:
The SD library is useful in our project because it stores a file in an SD card and we need a TXT file to store all the volume data. SD:
A 2 wires sensor is used in the project so the SPI library is interesting. Actually, this library will probably be used because we need a goblet position sensor and a goblet filling one. In function of the components finally used, we will appeal the SPI. SPI:

To go on with libraries used in the raspberry pi let’s talk about Python which is not really a library but more the language used to navigate in files and allows to use some controls. This is essential to acquire data from the TXT file.
Then to be able to communicate by Wi-Fi between android and python, the socket library is used.
One of the last one is the Xamarin Studio library, already installed in the android interface. This allows to include different packages in the app.
And finally, we need a library to communicate from a smartphone to the raspberry pi via Python.
These libraries are downloaded from the same website : . Actually, they are already installed in the program, so it comes from the program download link.

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