Team 8 – Secured & Automated Front door #2 – Scope of Work & Materials


For this second post, Thomas describes you in the video the materials required for our project. The text defines more precisely the objectives we fixed.

Scope of work

The plan is to check a front door locking system (locked or not) using several proximity sensors. If the locking system is open, the user can lock it remotely using a smartphone app (programmed for Android) from anywhere.

A second feature will permit to know the number of people inside the house using a counter (available on the application) and infrared sensors.

A third feature has to block the door if a security mode is activated thanks to the application.

Eventually, a last system will allow to close the door (also remotely) if this is in the open position. However, this last aim is not the most important function we target.


Here is the list of materials and a price assessment for each component.

Material Amount Price
Front door 1 RECLAIMED
Locking system 1 ~10€
Smartphone 1 RECLAIMED
Numeric keypad 1 RECLAIMED
Infrared sensor 2 ~20€
Contact sensor 2 RECLAIMED
Magnetic sensor 1 RECLAIMED
Electric motor 1 RECLAIMED
Electric jack 1 ~100€
Raspberry Pi 3 + 16gb SD card 1 48€

Plexiglass, wood, screws and wires will be required. Those are reclaimed by the different members of the group.

See you in a few weeks for a next follow-up.

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