Automatic bartender post 2 : project presentation & material


Our project is about automation of cocktails mixing. We would like to create a machine able to make some cocktails from a display.

First, a cocktail receipt stored in a database is suggested to the customer (2 or 3 receipts).

The project is composed of 5 bottles of (fake) cocktails or alcohols and every bottle is derived by a hose to the glass position (nozzle).

A glass is placed under the nozzle of bottles. A proximity sensor allows to the machine to detect the presence of the glass and to make the cocktail.

The device used to drive the liquid from the bottles to the glass is a peristaltic pump. After a long discussion between each members of the group and some tests, this is the best solution we keep thanks to its ease to instal and its low price. In fact, the process just need a dip-tube in the bottles passing through the pump and ending in the glass. The project need a tiny volume for each glass and a tiny flow is possible with this kind of pump so that’s why it’s the best solution. Moreover, in comparison to another pump or an electronic batcher, this costs something like 15€ which is really cheap.
If we have enough time, we could program the possibility of ordering a list of cocktail by the user to accelerate the process. So, 1 easy selection of different cocktails and the machine takes care of everything. Cheers!

We have also determine a last solution, cheapest but that allows to make a maquet aspect.

We would like to recycle an alcohol bar dispenser. This object allow to distribute an exact volume of alcohol to make a cocktail. The system is composed by a little bucket of 5ml and a cross shaped piece which is positioned at the termination of the bucket. When the cross is pushed the bottle neck is filled in and the volume is evacuated of its liquid. the inverse is done when the cross is relaxed.

We would like use and motorise the system. We can use a motor which the motor axe is connected to a radial lever. We control the rotation of the motor to push on the cross.

Then, the system is the same of the other solution. Each bottle is connected to a hose which to redirect the fluid to the nozzle.


Capture d_écran 2017-03-18 à 22.51.26

See you soon !

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