Chickens are back

To remember our team works on an automated chicken house.

In this text, you will read the functions we plan to implement and the material we will use on the chicken house project. Let’s have a look on the different parts and functions to discover the sensors and actuators we will use.

A chicken house is composed of:

  • a wooden house

All parts of the chicken house will be built in wood. In other to do that, we will use sheets of wood.

  • a door

The chickens have to go into the chicken house when the sun goes down and to go out when the sun rises. Thence, we will use a light sensor to do that. Furthermore, we will count up and count down the chicken to prevent if one of them is outside at night. In order to realise these operations, we will use 2 presence sensors.

  • a nest box

The nest box is the place where the chicken lays. We will here verify if there is an egg or not thanks to a mass sensor.

  • a drinking trough

The chickens drink water. We will here check the water level by an ultrasonic sensor.

  • an eating trough

The chickens eat seeds. We will here check the eating level thanks to an ultrasonic sensor.

  • an airing trapdoor

When the temperature is too high, an airing will open owing to a temperature sensor.


In order to achieve all of these functions, we will use 2 direct current motors:

  • One to open and to close the door.
  • One to open and to close the airing trapdoor

All of the components will be purchase to have a brand-new chicken house as if it comes from the factory.

In the next post, we will explain all the prices of the components and the first estimate will be made.

See you soon….

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