Team 2 : Automated board game – List of materials

Hello everyone,

Here’s our second post regarding our project. Today we will explain you what is needed to make our project work properly.

First of all, we decided to change the design of our project a little bit. The forward and backward motion of the gaming board has been scrapted in order to take less time between two dice rolls. Indeed, the game we want to automate is a rather fast game so we do not want to slow it down too much. Therefore, a stepper motor will allow the board to rotate in front of the right player when it’s his turn. In addition, this new design makes it possible to play on a smaller table.

Now let’s take a look at the list of materials. To realize our project we need :

  • A wooden (or an aluminium) board to make the playing board with some fixations (it has to be as light as possible) ;
  • 3 dice ;
  • A fulcrum to support the board and allow the rotation with a stepper motor ;
  • A stepper motor ;
  • A stepper motor driver to allow the communication between the motor and the arduino board ;
  • An arduino to control the stepper motor. Right now, we have 2 boards at disposal (an Uno and a Mega one) ;
  • A webcam or a camera for the Raspberry Pi to recognize the dices and detect the throws ;
  • A Raspberry Pi to control the camera and the sequence of the game. Two members of our team own a Raspberry Pi 3.
  • A screen to display all the needed information (players, scores, etc.)

As you can see, we should only have to buy the screen and the elements to build the gaming board.

We might don’t even need a screen if we manage to make it work on smartphones or tablets. If that’s the case, it could be used instead of the screen.

Our next post and video will be about the rules of the game and the algorithm used to make our project run smoothly.

Here’s the video explaining this post : List of materials 

See you soon,

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