Team 2 : Automated Board Game : Presentation

Hello everyone,

Here’s our first post regarding our Applied Electronics and Electrotechnics project. First of all, we would like to introduce all the members of our group:

Mathieu Colpin, 2MMEEA

Simon Coulon, 2MMEEA

Antoine Demanet, 2MMEEA

Sebastien Gilis, 2MMEEA

Gaetan Dainotti, 2MMEET

Joachim Yazigi, 2MMEEA

As you can see, our group is mainly composed of students following the specialization in automation while Gaetan is a thermal student.

Before we met at the start of the first year of our master degree, Joachim got his bachelor’s degree in automotive while Gaetan used to work for AW Europe and Toyota Motor Europe before starting their master degree in order to become industrial engineers. The four other members of the group all obtained their bachelor’s degree in industrial sciences.

Right now, we’re all at the same point in our studies as we are in the second and last year of our master degree in electromechanical engineering and all hope to graduate from HELHa next June. Thus, we will work as a team in order to make this project a great experience for us all and try to make it work the best way possible. As a group working together towards the same goal, everyone is willing to reach that main objective and therefore, will try and bring their assets to the table to contribute to the progress of our work.

Some of us are more experienced than others working with Arduino and Raspberry so our first two labs definitely helped some trying to get more acquainted with the way we should use those two technologies.

Our first idea, for our project, is to automate the flow of a board game based on dices. The application would then be able to move the gaming plate in the right spot (in front the right player at the right time), count the scores of the dices and display them on a screen or a smartphone. We will give you more insights and details later with our next posts and videos.

Here you can find the first video quickly presenting our team and our project : Automated Board Game

See you,

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