Secured and automated front door

Hi. Here is a first introduction to our team and a first video presenting what we would like to develop during the next months.

  • Thomas Anzilao: Hi, my name is Thomas Anzilao and I’m currently a student in Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering at the HELha college with a specialization in building engineering. Even if I’m not very attracted in electronics and programming I’m very excited about this work. Indeed, doing a project from beginning to end in group is very interested because it allows me to learn new things and new skills by myself.
  • Sébastien Centulio: I’m Sébastien Centulio and I’m 24 years old. I live in Mons, Belgium. I want to become an industrial engineer specialized in electro-mechanics. I like playing video games and am a leader of a e-sport team. I’m also a scoutmaster and a rugby coach.
  • Tristan Lamesch: I am 22 and I am studying Electromechanical engineering with a specialization in Mechanics. I like automation, programming and playing video games during my free time. I am also a football fan and like car races. I did my internship in Tennessee, USA, which was a wonderful experience. There I studied high frequency vibration for a predictive maintenance company.
  • Magali Maurcot: I am Magali Maurcot and I am 22 years old. This year should be my final year in engineering. I choose to specialise in building engineering. I am quite an adventurer. Indeed, I love to travel and to discover new places. I did my internships in England and in Qatar but I also travel a lot with my family. As the only girl of the class, I wish the feminine touch with a different approach could be a positive element for the team. I am very happy and proud to take part of this project. Bringing our ideas to a concrete and complete design is for me really exciting
  • Robin Thomas: My name is Robin THOMAS, I have been studying industrial engineering at the “Haute Ecole Louvain en Hainaut”, focused on electro-mechanical engineering for the last five years. In addition to my academic achievements, I have a well-rounded personality developed through years of leadership services to the Boys Scouts of Belgium and a habit of pushing myself through my many outdoors activities. I developed a passion for climbing and mountaineering since I was 13-year-old but was too young at the time for mountaineering, and I therefore started climbing in an indoor and outdoor climbing club.

During the next months, we will present you the progress oproject for the Applied Electronics and Electrotechnics course. Thank you for following us.

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