Automatic bartender : Team and project presentation

Hello followers, we’re the CocktailTeam and we’re going to present you our electronic and electrotechnical project above the next three months. At first, in this post,  we’re going to introduce each member of the team, with his motivations.


Our team is made up of six members, future electromechanical engineers with different specialisations. So, each member is currently a fifth-year student in a programme leading to a master’s degree in industrial engineering, at the HELHa college (Haute Ecole Louvain en Hainaut) in Mons, Belgium.


This project proposes several purposes. Indeed, it’s interesting in order to better prepare students for teamwork. Furthermore, the fact that it is developed in English should improve our English skills. Lastly, various assets of each member will allow us to carry out a successful project from conception to completion. The aim is to link signals and power.


Half of the team is made up of people specialised in thermal process, and the other half of people specialised in automation.


Justin OVAERE, 22 years old is specialised in thermal process. He is also well interested in programming. He hopes you will enjoy the project that we’re going to develop together.


Benoît BAILLY has always been interested in the conception of many things.

Child, he would be an inventor.

According to his child‘s dream, he has chosen to study in Electromechanics since his secondary school (equivalent of Middle and High school) especially in the industrial automatic (at the university).

He’s totally fascinated by the automatic machines and robots. It’s a very interesting thing about an interesting domain.

In a few couple of months, he will be graduated in industrial engineering. It allows him to realise “his kid‘s dream”.

Versatility, dynamic, meticulous are some words which describe him.

He hopes to bring his skills and knowledge to conduct the project.


Axel PATTYN, is specialized in Electromechanics and Thermal engineering. He’s really glad to be part of this project which is developed in English because he gives importance to this skill since he performed an internship in America.


Florent MARTELEUR likes computer programming and it’s for this reason that, after his Bachelor’s degree in automation, he has continued his studies to make this Master’s degree, with the automation specialization.

This project is an opportunity for him to improve his English and his programming skills. And so he is very excited to begin to work for this one.


Jérémie FEDERICO is the third student of the team with thermic specialisation. He already has (owns) a bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering, that’s the reason why he is fluent in the practical aspect of a work. He has decided to go further by studying this Master’s degree and be involved in industrial projects in the future. His interest is about the real application that consist in this project. He will improve his groupwork skills and his English level.


The sixth and final student is Baptiste FEDERICO, 25 years old, also automation specialization. He’s more theoretical than practical. This project is very exciting for him because it could bring him more resourcefulness he needs it ! The fact that this project is developed in English is also useful for our future. The use of new materials, like Arduino and Raspberry Pi, is a good challenge for the team.


Now you’ve met the team, you are ready to see our first video post !



As you can see, we are going to build an interesting project, please stay focus on our progress. For the people concerned, a second post is coming soon about the project presentation, about what we’re going to work on.


See you soon.
The CoktailTeam.

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