Automatic chiken house

Hello everyone!

We are five future engineers at the HELHa (Haute Ecole Louvain en Hainaut). We are all student in Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, electromechanics specialization, mechanical option. As part of our course on applied electronics and electrotechnics, we are going to work together about an important project for our last year. The theme is “Sensors and actuators”.

But before that, we will introduce the different members of the team.

  • The first member is Alexandre Baeyens. He is dynamic, conscientious and easy to live. He has a lot of empathy so he can handle most of the conflicts and bring some peace in the spirits. He has some skills in programming even if he isn’t a specialist. Furthermore he has already worked on an automated chicken house on his first year of studies. He can bring some experiences about what has worked and what we must avoid on the conception.
  • The second member is Thomas Delaunoy. He thinks that he can bring some original ideas in this project. He has good personal skills in informatics, English and management. He considers him as a meticulous, diligent and curious person. He isn’t afraid to resolve issues on this project but he hopes that he will develop his technical and relational skills
  • The third member is David Hainaut. He is the spokesman of the team. He is creative and inventive. Nevertheless he remains rational. Furthermore he is a person who can take a critical look. For the project he can bring his knowledge about chickens and chicken houses because he owns one at his family farm.
  • The fourth member of the team is Florian Scieur. He is dynamic, skillful and motivated. He wants to become an industrial engineer because he likes innovation. During his internship, he leads a multidisciplinary working group to realize his project: risks analysis of ARIANE Project. That’s why he can manage the team of project. He has some skills in sensors-actuators thanks to his first year in industrial engineering.
  • The fifth is Bertrand Van Wymeersch. His role of this project is to plan meetings and write meeting minutes on the different steps of project. He will ensure the progress of the project. He can take part in practical aspects because he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. He has an aptitude for summarizing information. He works efficiently and effectively.

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