Data acquisition – Introduction

A few words about the members of our team :

  • Tarik Akan : I am interested in new technologies and computer science. I have never practiced Arduino programming. Thus, I hope that I will increase my programming level with this project. I think that i will also learn new things about the functioning of the canbus communication in a car.
  • Hasan Cakmak : Hello ! My name is Hasan Cakmak. I’m completing my last year of studies in Electromechanical Engineering with a specialisation in automation. I hope that this project will allow me to learn new exciting and useful stuff in electronics and programing. Otherwise, I love eating and doing sport.
  • Quentin Debourse : I’m Quentin, my passions are electromechanical sciences and sport (especially badminton). I don’t know much about the project for the moment. So, I’m looking forward to starting this challenging project and discovering new things. This project will also allow me to put into practice the Arduino programming language!
  • Joyce Gallet : I am Joyce Gallet, I am a future electromechanical engineer with a specialisation in automation. I am interested in robotics, new technologies, virtual reality and my passion is scuba diving. It is an opportunity for me to practice on this project because I have always wanted to program an Arduino. So, I hope that I will learn a lot of things about this technology while we will create our model.
  • Maxime Liénard : Hello everyone, my name is Maxime. My main hobbies are the automotive world and programming. I spend most of my free time as a race engineer and I like developping small softwares for my own entertainment.
  • Antoine Piette : Hey there! I am Antoine and I am an automation engineering student as well. I was interested in the project as soon as we mentioned it because I do like cars and electronics. Mixing these two fields was thus a great idea to me. When I am out of school, I play badminton, do some climbing and I like spending time on the internet in order to learn new things .

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