Brewery DIY : Project presentation


Hello everyone, here is a description of each member in our team :

Alexandre Carlier : Hi, I am Alexandre and I am currently a student in the last year of a master’s degree in industrial engineering building and special technics specialization. Even though I am in building specialization, I really would like to be able to use and to program the Arduino device and the Raspberry device for home automation uses for instance.

Florent Guillaume : Hello, I am Florent, I come from the “Building & Special technics” option. I did not follow the usual path of engineer, I did a bridge year after my Home Automation bachelor. New technologies are my passion and I am a good handyman, therefore “Do it yourself” tutorials don’t scare me!

Jason Lefebure : Hello, my name is Jason I am currently a second-year master student in electromechanical engineer. I have been passionate about brewing for one year. I already made small brews of 5-6 liters but it’s very time-consuming for a small quantity. This project will give me an opportunity to develop my technical skills in electronics, brewing and communication.

Julien Nortier: Hello, my name is Julien. I am studying industrial engineering with a major specialization in Electromechanics and a minor in facilities technologies. I am really excited about creating this homemade brewery and also discovering how Arduino and Raspberry Pi are working to use them in my future house. I am very interested in new technologies that you can implement everywhere you want, using sensors and actuators. It’s the future!

Louis Dever : I am a student in industrial engineering in last year of a Electromechanics Master degree, more specifically in the mechanics specialization. One of my interests is about mechanics stuffs and understand how everything works. I will use these mechanical skills to find solutions to our installation and make it as functional as possible.

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