The Protected house – Part 1: Introduction

Hello guy’s, after this presentation video  of our project, here is the description of the team:

Ver Eecke Ludovic  : I am a student at the HELHa Mons and I am in last year of my engineering studies. My studies are oriented towards mechanics because I like this option and the practical activities associated with it. One passion among others, is the restoration of old tractors and the design of electrical systems.

Hussin Geoffrey : I am a 24 years old student in final-year of industrial engineering with a specialization in the field of building and special techniques. I’m interested in technologies in a general way but especially technologies concerning building automation, HVAC, security, etc … So this Electronics and Electrotechnics project can allow me to develop my skills in these fields. It will be really useful for my futur carreer.

Di Legami Claudio : I am a Master’s degree student in industrial engineering with a specialization in the field of HVAC and construction. I would like to become firefighter captain. SO, I attach great value to safety and security. This project will allow me to increase my knowledge in this field. Motived, hard working and proven ability to deliver high quality work are my main qualities. I am not very interested in electronics but I am impressed by the new electronics technology (self-parking cars, augmented reality …). I am impatient to start this project.

Lekman Bekkali : I am 24 years old and I live in Anderlues, in Belgium. I am a student in industrial engineering at the HELHa college and I am working towards getting a Master’s degree in construction engineering and facilities technology. My favorite field is construction and I think that electronics can be really useful in this field for security and domotics. Therefore, I am happy to join these two fields in this project and for the future it would be really interesting to work in a company which do that.

Clavie Correntin : I am student in second master electromechanics at HELHa. I decided to study electromechanics because i am passionate for automotive and electromechanics engineering was the faster studies to learn more about mechanics after bachelor in automotive. I am working on other projects like cars renovation and engine improvement. With my colleagues, we had to choose one common project for our common lectures. We have different studies options and we had to choose only one subject for our electronics project. We had two ideas for this project. the first idea was to use Raspberry pi and Arduino to manage car spoiler depending on car acceleration, braking and turns. Finally, we decided together to design one other project: manage security system for a house. The aim is using Arduino to manage alarm system and to lock doors if a robber entered. Follow our next post to know more about our final project.

See you soon.

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