Craft brewery

Hello every one,

Below, you will find few words about the members of our team and a short description of our craft brewery project in a video.

My name is Cornil Thibaut and I am in the second year of an industrial engineering master’s degree. I like renovating old houses and that’s why I’ve chosen a building branches. I like tasting new beers and tinkers too. Inventing new things and working in a team to improve a project really interests me. If we could taste the manufactured beer after the realisation of the automation, it would even be better.

I’m William Decoster. I’m a motivated 5th year-student in an industrial engineering master’s degree. I chose a specialization in special techniques in building because I like this domain. I like sports, especially running. I am very passionate about mechanical sports. I am also passionate about electronic music.

My name is Jean-Charles Deparis and I’m 25. I’m in the second year of an industrial engineering master’s degree. I also have an electromechanical engineering, major thermal engineering and HVAC bachelor’s degree. With this specialization, I hope to be able to help the team with the heating and cooling system of our craft brewery project.

My name is Florent Désert. I’m 26, I have a bachelor’s degree in automotive with a specialization in electromechanics. I also have a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering with a specialization in electromechanically. I’m continuing my studies to have a master’s degree in industrial engineering with a specialization in mechanics.

I am Arthur Renard, I am in second year of master in engineering sciences with this text I will introduce myself. I am really interested in the building sector that’s the reason why I am in the Building section. My favourite hobby is the brewing indeed I spend a lot of time producing beer. This is why I’ve chosen this topic because I have always wanted to automate this process.


See you soon,
For the group 7,
J.-C. Deparis

Team 2 : Automated Board Game : Presentation

Hello everyone,

Here’s our first post regarding our Applied Electronics and Electrotechnics project. First of all, we would like to introduce all the members of our group:

Mathieu Colpin, 2MMEEA

Simon Coulon, 2MMEEA

Antoine Demanet, 2MMEEA

Sebastien Gilis, 2MMEEA

Gaetan Dainotti, 2MMEET

Joachim Yazigi, 2MMEEA

As you can see, our group is mainly composed of students following the specialization in automation while Gaetan is a thermal student.

Before we met at the start of the first year of our master degree, Joachim got his bachelor’s degree in automotive while Gaetan used to work for AW Europe and Toyota Motor Europe before starting their master degree in order to become industrial engineers. The four other members of the group all obtained their bachelor’s degree in industrial sciences.

Right now, we’re all at the same point in our studies as we are in the second and last year of our master degree in electromechanical engineering and all hope to graduate from HELHa next June. Thus, we will work as a team in order to make this project a great experience for us all and try to make it work the best way possible. As a group working together towards the same goal, everyone is willing to reach that main objective and therefore, will try and bring their assets to the table to contribute to the progress of our work.

Some of us are more experienced than others working with Arduino and Raspberry so our first two labs definitely helped some trying to get more acquainted with the way we should use those two technologies.

Our first idea, for our project, is to automate the flow of a board game based on dices. The application would then be able to move the gaming plate in the right spot (in front the right player at the right time), count the scores of the dices and display them on a screen or a smartphone. We will give you more insights and details later with our next posts and videos.

Here you can find the first video quickly presenting our team and our project : Automated Board Game

See you,

Automatic chiken house

Hello everyone!

We are five future engineers at the HELHa (Haute Ecole Louvain en Hainaut). We are all student in Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, electromechanics specialization, mechanical option. As part of our course on applied electronics and electrotechnics, we are going to work together about an important project for our last year. The theme is “Sensors and actuators”.

But before that, we will introduce the different members of the team.

  • The first member is Alexandre Baeyens. He is dynamic, conscientious and easy to live. He has a lot of empathy so he can handle most of the conflicts and bring some peace in the spirits. He has some skills in programming even if he isn’t a specialist. Furthermore he has already worked on an automated chicken house on his first year of studies. He can bring some experiences about what has worked and what we must avoid on the conception.
  • The second member is Thomas Delaunoy. He thinks that he can bring some original ideas in this project. He has good personal skills in informatics, English and management. He considers him as a meticulous, diligent and curious person. He isn’t afraid to resolve issues on this project but he hopes that he will develop his technical and relational skills
  • The third member is David Hainaut. He is the spokesman of the team. He is creative and inventive. Nevertheless he remains rational. Furthermore he is a person who can take a critical look. For the project he can bring his knowledge about chickens and chicken houses because he owns one at his family farm.
  • The fourth member of the team is Florian Scieur. He is dynamic, skillful and motivated. He wants to become an industrial engineer because he likes innovation. During his internship, he leads a multidisciplinary working group to realize his project: risks analysis of ARIANE Project. That’s why he can manage the team of project. He has some skills in sensors-actuators thanks to his first year in industrial engineering.
  • The fifth is Bertrand Van Wymeersch. His role of this project is to plan meetings and write meeting minutes on the different steps of project. He will ensure the progress of the project. He can take part in practical aspects because he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. He has an aptitude for summarizing information. He works efficiently and effectively.

Automatic bartender : Team and project presentation

Hello followers, we’re the CocktailTeam and we’re going to present you our electronic and electrotechnical project above the next three months. At first, in this post,  we’re going to introduce each member of the team, with his motivations.


Our team is made up of six members, future electromechanical engineers with different specialisations. So, each member is currently a fifth-year student in a programme leading to a master’s degree in industrial engineering, at the HELHa college (Haute Ecole Louvain en Hainaut) in Mons, Belgium.


This project proposes several purposes. Indeed, it’s interesting in order to better prepare students for teamwork. Furthermore, the fact that it is developed in English should improve our English skills. Lastly, various assets of each member will allow us to carry out a successful project from conception to completion. The aim is to link signals and power.


Half of the team is made up of people specialised in thermal process, and the other half of people specialised in automation.


Justin OVAERE, 22 years old is specialised in thermal process. He is also well interested in programming. He hopes you will enjoy the project that we’re going to develop together.


Benoît BAILLY has always been interested in the conception of many things.

Child, he would be an inventor.

According to his child‘s dream, he has chosen to study in Electromechanics since his secondary school (equivalent of Middle and High school) especially in the industrial automatic (at the university).

He’s totally fascinated by the automatic machines and robots. It’s a very interesting thing about an interesting domain.

In a few couple of months, he will be graduated in industrial engineering. It allows him to realise “his kid‘s dream”.

Versatility, dynamic, meticulous are some words which describe him.

He hopes to bring his skills and knowledge to conduct the project.


Axel PATTYN, is specialized in Electromechanics and Thermal engineering. He’s really glad to be part of this project which is developed in English because he gives importance to this skill since he performed an internship in America.


Florent MARTELEUR likes computer programming and it’s for this reason that, after his Bachelor’s degree in automation, he has continued his studies to make this Master’s degree, with the automation specialization.

This project is an opportunity for him to improve his English and his programming skills. And so he is very excited to begin to work for this one.


Jérémie FEDERICO is the third student of the team with thermic specialisation. He already has (owns) a bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering, that’s the reason why he is fluent in the practical aspect of a work. He has decided to go further by studying this Master’s degree and be involved in industrial projects in the future. His interest is about the real application that consist in this project. He will improve his groupwork skills and his English level.


The sixth and final student is Baptiste FEDERICO, 25 years old, also automation specialization. He’s more theoretical than practical. This project is very exciting for him because it could bring him more resourcefulness he needs it ! The fact that this project is developed in English is also useful for our future. The use of new materials, like Arduino and Raspberry Pi, is a good challenge for the team.


Now you’ve met the team, you are ready to see our first video post !



As you can see, we are going to build an interesting project, please stay focus on our progress. For the people concerned, a second post is coming soon about the project presentation, about what we’re going to work on.


See you soon.
The CoktailTeam.

Secured and automated front door

Hi. Here is a first introduction to our team and a first video presenting what we would like to develop during the next months.

  • Thomas Anzilao: Hi, my name is Thomas Anzilao and I’m currently a student in Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering at the HELha college with a specialization in building engineering. Even if I’m not very attracted in electronics and programming I’m very excited about this work. Indeed, doing a project from beginning to end in group is very interested because it allows me to learn new things and new skills by myself.
  • Sébastien Centulio: I’m Sébastien Centulio and I’m 24 years old. I live in Mons, Belgium. I want to become an industrial engineer specialized in electro-mechanics. I like playing video games and am a leader of a e-sport team. I’m also a scoutmaster and a rugby coach.
  • Tristan Lamesch: I am 22 and I am studying Electromechanical engineering with a specialization in Mechanics. I like automation, programming and playing video games during my free time. I am also a football fan and like car races. I did my internship in Tennessee, USA, which was a wonderful experience. There I studied high frequency vibration for a predictive maintenance company.
  • Magali Maurcot: I am Magali Maurcot and I am 22 years old. This year should be my final year in engineering. I choose to specialise in building engineering. I am quite an adventurer. Indeed, I love to travel and to discover new places. I did my internships in England and in Qatar but I also travel a lot with my family. As the only girl of the class, I wish the feminine touch with a different approach could be a positive element for the team. I am very happy and proud to take part of this project. Bringing our ideas to a concrete and complete design is for me really exciting
  • Robin Thomas: My name is Robin THOMAS, I have been studying industrial engineering at the “Haute Ecole Louvain en Hainaut”, focused on electro-mechanical engineering for the last five years. In addition to my academic achievements, I have a well-rounded personality developed through years of leadership services to the Boys Scouts of Belgium and a habit of pushing myself through my many outdoors activities. I developed a passion for climbing and mountaineering since I was 13-year-old but was too young at the time for mountaineering, and I therefore started climbing in an indoor and outdoor climbing club.

During the next months, we will present you the progress oproject for the Applied Electronics and Electrotechnics course. Thank you for following us.

Brewery DIY : Project presentation


Hello everyone, here is a description of each member in our team :

Alexandre Carlier : Hi, I am Alexandre and I am currently a student in the last year of a master’s degree in industrial engineering building and special technics specialization. Even though I am in building specialization, I really would like to be able to use and to program the Arduino device and the Raspberry device for home automation uses for instance.

Florent Guillaume : Hello, I am Florent, I come from the “Building & Special technics” option. I did not follow the usual path of engineer, I did a bridge year after my Home Automation bachelor. New technologies are my passion and I am a good handyman, therefore “Do it yourself” tutorials don’t scare me!

Jason Lefebure : Hello, my name is Jason I am currently a second-year master student in electromechanical engineer. I have been passionate about brewing for one year. I already made small brews of 5-6 liters but it’s very time-consuming for a small quantity. This project will give me an opportunity to develop my technical skills in electronics, brewing and communication.

Julien Nortier: Hello, my name is Julien. I am studying industrial engineering with a major specialization in Electromechanics and a minor in facilities technologies. I am really excited about creating this homemade brewery and also discovering how Arduino and Raspberry Pi are working to use them in my future house. I am very interested in new technologies that you can implement everywhere you want, using sensors and actuators. It’s the future!

Louis Dever : I am a student in industrial engineering in last year of a Electromechanics Master degree, more specifically in the mechanics specialization. One of my interests is about mechanics stuffs and understand how everything works. I will use these mechanical skills to find solutions to our installation and make it as functional as possible.

Data acquisition – Introduction

A few words about the members of our team :

  • Tarik Akan : I am interested in new technologies and computer science. I have never practiced Arduino programming. Thus, I hope that I will increase my programming level with this project. I think that i will also learn new things about the functioning of the canbus communication in a car.
  • Hasan Cakmak : Hello ! My name is Hasan Cakmak. I’m completing my last year of studies in Electromechanical Engineering with a specialisation in automation. I hope that this project will allow me to learn new exciting and useful stuff in electronics and programing. Otherwise, I love eating and doing sport.
  • Quentin Debourse : I’m Quentin, my passions are electromechanical sciences and sport (especially badminton). I don’t know much about the project for the moment. So, I’m looking forward to starting this challenging project and discovering new things. This project will also allow me to put into practice the Arduino programming language!
  • Joyce Gallet : I am Joyce Gallet, I am a future electromechanical engineer with a specialisation in automation. I am interested in robotics, new technologies, virtual reality and my passion is scuba diving. It is an opportunity for me to practice on this project because I have always wanted to program an Arduino. So, I hope that I will learn a lot of things about this technology while we will create our model.
  • Maxime Liénard : Hello everyone, my name is Maxime. My main hobbies are the automotive world and programming. I spend most of my free time as a race engineer and I like developping small softwares for my own entertainment.
  • Antoine Piette : Hey there! I am Antoine and I am an automation engineering student as well. I was interested in the project as soon as we mentioned it because I do like cars and electronics. Mixing these two fields was thus a great idea to me. When I am out of school, I play badminton, do some climbing and I like spending time on the internet in order to learn new things .