The end.

Hello everybody,

For our project, we decided to use a servo-motor to automatically feed the fish.

The idea is simple: we stuck a plastic container on the shaft of the servo-motor. So, when the instruction is supplied to the motor, the latter turns 180 °. Therefore, the food falls through the small holes. After some time, the actuator turns 180° again.

Depending on the amount you want to give to the fish, it is possible to change the number of motor rotation.

To get more information on this power system, the following link illustrates the steps to follow:

Finally, we come to the last week. For this stretch, we began to realize the project presentation video. We decided to have some organisation in order to progress efficiently forward in the realization of this video:

Bouazza Fayçal : Music and animations
Di Bartolo Angelo : Scriptwriter and actor
Simon Kevin : Executive producer
Vertessen Geoffrey : Production supervisor 4

We also wrote the “instructable” with several steps to build the project. In plus, we create a list of material needed and add the link to buy each component.

Because a schematic is more understandable than a long text, we add for each step a complete drawing of the wiring.

So, it will be very easy to reconstruct the project for everybody!

The link of the instructable :

See you soon!