Report 11: The last one !

Hello everyone,

Today, we have finished the Basilic project. During the last two weeks, we have set up all sensors and actuators on the greenhouse. We proceed to several tests on each component to check the wiring and the Arduino’s programming logic. We noticed the rotational direction of the servomotor was reversed. We also observed the solenoid valve was normally opened when it wasn’t supplied. Indeed, we couldn’t have noticed this because we get it by recycling.

We realized a video in which we had to do an advertisement to introduce the project’s utility. Afterwards, we have exposed the technical review through demonstrations of each function of the greenhouse.

serre 2

You can find the video with the link below:

The final step was to write an “instructable”. This article allows the reader to build its own greenhouse from the different steps proposed in it.

The instructable’s link:

The ultimate step, which will complete the project, is to defend it during the oral exam.

This report was the last one! We were glad to share that with you!

And don’t forget, with the Basilic project, save your time and your plants!

Kévin, Vincent, Guillaume, Mathieu

One thought on “Report 11: The last one !

  1. Bonjour à tous,
    Serait-il possible de se procurer la doc d’installation en français ?
    Merci pour votre retour.
    Super projet.

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