This is the End

Hello everybody !

Today, I’ll write the last report about our project and I have to say that we are a little bit relieved because finally all works perfectly!

This week, we finished the writing of the instructable and we made the entire presentation video.
But unfortunately, we had a last issue during the making of the video : the Raspberry Pi did not send the data to the website anymore ! And we didn’t know why, it was just a big mystery for us. Then we started again and again to solve the problem and we finally find it. It was just a difference between the ID in the Raspberry PI and the patient in the database ! Two members of the team have decided, three days before, to change de ID in the Raspberry PI (to economize time for later) and they did not mention that to the other members of the team… It was an issue do to a bad communication but nothing serious.

During this week, we have also done the instructable about our project. With that, and some basic knowledge in programming and electronics, you could be able to make the same project as we did.

Hoping that you took pleasure by following us, we say goodbye to everybody !

Link of the instructable:

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