10th week : Final validation, Instructable and Video

Finally, our project is fully functional !

  • Kris managed to resolve a bug between the webpage and the Raspberry (via the python script). This bug was blocking him for several days, and in the end it was a simple error in the request sent to the webpage…
  • Matthieu managed to solve the communication problem between the Raspberry and the Arduino. It was the stupidest thing: when initiating the serial communication on the python script run by the Raspberry Pi, the Arduino resets itself. Since our communication tries started right after the python serial initialization, the Arduino was not ready to communicate, causing the data transmission to fail. A simple delay between the initialization and the first transmission solved the problem : the rest of the work was working flawlessly !
  • With both communication solved, we were able to test the whole project. After some hard debugging, everything is working now : the setpoint can be changed from a potentiometer, from the touchscreen’s graphical interface, or from the webpage. And the current temperature can be read from the same devices too.

With our project working, we started to write the instructable, and to film the short video presentation. We still have a couple of days before the final deadline, everything should be fine !



the links for the Instructable:


NAd the video:

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