It has a name !

Hi everyone !

As our project is nearly finished, we begin the video. The system is not in the car yet but some takes can be realized.

So we film different sequence with a car, with the system in the lab. We also started the edition with a schematic of the system to explain how it works. We had some fun to film these sequences ! With a good editing, the video can be great !

We also wrote the instructable. The list of material needed and the first steps to built the project are already written. Because a schematic is more understandable than a long text, we did a complete drawing of the wiring. With this, it is very easy to rebuilt the system !
We still have to complete the instructable for the installation in the car.

The project is going to the end ! We still have some sequence to film with the system in the car and the video will be done.

As the title of this article said, our project as a name !
It’s FRIES’CAR ! Soon in all the good shops !

See you next time for the last post !

François, Julien, Victor, Anthony and Savinien

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