Session 14

Now we are in the last straight line! The rally timer works well. To be at this result, we had to improve our programming and to solve some problems. Now, we only have to switch on the leds and to improve our menu to choose with the keyboard the average speed. With this feature, the rally timer would be ready to win regularity rally!

We also had to clear the code. We also modified the code of the timer to be more accurate. Indeed, we worked with a refresh time of 1 second, we have changed that to be more accurate, we worked now with a timer time of millisecond.

For the presentation and the video, we have done the story board. We are now almost ready to make the video.

During the week end, we went on the road with a rally car and the rally timer. We transformed one of us into a driver, an another  into a co-driver and one into rally seller.  The filming was quite difficult because of the technical instruments. Indeed, we were shoting only with a GO Pro and it’s quitte difficult to shoot a full story with this kind of camera. When all the scene was shoot, we recorded the voice over to explain the features of our device.

Now we had to set up the video with the voice and the scenes.


We are happy with that project because the rallytimer is functional and it works very well.

Dudkowiak, Godart, Neuville,Parisis

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