12th week: the structure

Hello guys,

From the beginning, we moved the project between school and apartment without structure and then sometimes one file went out of its emplacement. Now it’s time to construct something that takes every component in one block. We used to think to draw something on SolidWorks and to print it with the Maxime’s 3D printing but as our project works with a plate that will be very hot, it’s better to do not use a plastic structure. So we have decided to do a support in wood because it’s simple to realize it and the wood is the perfect material if the person wants to remove her pot of the plate, she could put it on the wood structure without any problems.

First, we have cut the base with a circulate saw. After, we have put some nails and small wood spacers to hold all in place. With an old case of wine, we have done the cover. That permits to hide different components but we have done a rectangular hole to can see the screen and the small red LED. We have also done a slot with a jigsaw to pass the keyboard that will be on the left of the screen. Lastly, we have painted the whole structure in black because we used different wood chips.

See you next week for the last week together!



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