The shoe box

Hello everybody,
Last week, we decided to collect material for the final artwork. For this, we have chosen to place a wooden board on which will be fixed all the equipment. However, we have changed his mind and have opted for a shoe box.

Using this shoe box, this will reduce the space of clutter. Indeed, the box can simply be placed next to the aquarium and is more easily portable. The shoe box will also cover up too exposed cables. However, the display will be apparent from the box in order to observe the information it gives.

In addition, he will think about the light sensor out of the box or it will not receive external light.

During working, we didn’t have cable and therefore postpone this step of the project. Indeed, it was flexible cables to power the relay for “light Emitted Diodes” and the heater.

Meanwhile, we continued to work on the connection between the “Raspberry PI 3” and the “Arduino” because the problem of the last week continued to persist.

In addition, we began to work for the video project.

We are on the home straight!

See you soon!
Simon, Vertessen, Di Bartolo and Bouazza

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