Project report 9 & 10

Hello everyone !

This week and the last week were very productive. Indeed, the greenhouse is now real. It is made of rigid plastic with a wooden structure. It’s divided in two spaces: one for plants (50*55*55 cm) and the other dedicated to the electrical stuff (pump, Arduino, Raspberry, relays, …) (20*55*40 cm). A little window can pivot thanks to the servomotor and a fan extracts air.

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For the Arduino part, it’s almost finished. All the component has been tested, the sensors return the correct values (conversion inside the Arduino), the automatic sequence works fine and the manual control of each component too. The Arduino sends now the correct messages via the serial communication. Our protocol between the Arduino and the Raspberry is entirely defined.

On the raspberry side, there is still some work to do. The database is now fully designed and the script between the Arduino and the database is in development. We are able to communicate with the database (write and read values) and the Arduino but the main sequence is not ready yet. Vincent has finished his training with html, css, php and javascript and the website is under construction. The available features of the website will depend of the remaining time but the basic features are going to be ready.

Stay connected! More updates are coming soon.

Guillaume, Mathieu, Vincent, Kevin

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