Evolution of our project – ADaDeDuTon

Last lab, after a lot of researches and tests, we arrived to encode and to recover the data encoded into the database with phpmyadmin. We took our time to create a nice interface. The interface is important for the usage of our project.

On the start page, we can access to each type of supply (HiPMS, BHT, DC and DC Pulse). After this choice, we can fill in the form. There are some sections as References, parameters, electrical parameters, characterization and remark.

When we click on “Valider”(submit) , the web browser sends data to the database.

We change the name of the database but we forgot to change everywhere on the programming pages so we had errors. We solved this issue with a verification.

The next lab, it would be great to create the QR code and to have the possibility to scan this QR code to access directly to the data of the concerned sample.


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