End of the project

Hi guys,

We are now at the end of our project. The website is on and it can receive the data’s. We are able to add some patients. They have their own ID which is link to a raspberry so that we are able to send the data to the website in the right place. The alarm are working and there is a signal which said there is something wrong.

We told you before that we wanted to add some security stuff but we don’t think about that anymore. It’s way too complicated for us and we already used a lot of resources for the website. Another problem for us is the mobility of our project and we can only share the heartbeat with an Ethernet cable. We didn’t find the time to improve this and to send the information by Wifi.

We totally changed the graphic which is showing the heartbeats because it had a zoom on it and we erased this option. It wasn’t a good option and it wasn’t clear enough. So now we have a simple graphic which is working and it is easy to see the information at the first view.

Thanks for your attention,

See you for our last report.

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