Work in Progress

This week has been a productive one! Indeed we worked a lot. We first focused ourselves on the program finishing. Some problems still occurred at this time. For instance several times we were stuck into a while loop because in the condition we compared a digital value to an analog one but the digital one should be analogic (it was the motor temperature). We also had a problem we thought was coming from the code while it actually was a wiring problem. Indeed we short-circuited the temperature sensor reading pin with a resistor bound to the ground. Fortunately we found the solution fast enough.

Thanks to the solenoid valves arrival we also had been able to test them successfully on the montage. We did not have the temperature sensor we wished use on the Savinien’s pick-up so we had to use some present in the lab just to see if it works. Obviously, our tension to temperature conversion is irrelevant for it is done for the lab sensor. However we have the expression for the right sensor so we will just have to change it in the program before putting the montage on the car.

Furthermore Savinien and François worked on the montage support which will be placed on the car. It will take as much space as a classic car stereo. And eventually we already did a brainstorming about our crow-funding video and could begin to think about our tutorial.

Savinien, François, Julien, Anthony, Victor

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