Session 12

During this session we try to solve our problem of refresh time. We saw that the problem was really important when we used the battery instead of the computer in the car. We decided to use the lighter socket with a device to charge smartphones. It would be the same voltage as the voltage of an USB on a computer. We try it in the car and the result was really good. The refresh time is short and we can use it for our application. With this power supply, we don’t use yet the battery. We also try to improve our software and we put a new menu. Some of the news features doesn’t work. We tried to solve it. We also had a problem with the wire. During our test, the screen wasn’t powered. We had to wire all the cable. We had some issues with this application because we don’t know the true wiring.

We also tried to find some codes to help us to finish our programming.

Now we had to use all the code to power our rally timer and after that we had to test it on the road. We are more optimistic for the final results.

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