8th week : T° read, PID regulation, mysql database an webpage

We did a lot of work this week:

The temperature sensor is now operational : it is connected to the arduino on one of the analog input. After a conversion from bits to voltage to resistance , we can finally obtain the temperature of our brewery process.

After this, and using the previous work regarding the PWM generation, we successfully tested the whole regulation : the deep fryer was driven by the solid state relay, that was itself driven by the Arduino. Using a PID library, we were able to heat water at the desired temperature, even if the accuracy was not perfect. Depending on the time remaining, we may be able to correct this.  After debugging the (stupid) errors, it worked perfectly !

A lot of work has also been done regarding the communication, mostly on the Raspberry. And it will still need some investigation, even if a basic communication is already working.

The Mysql database is also working, on a local server on the raspberry. As well as the webpage.

The graphical interface is also nearly complete: we just have to allocate the different variable to the correct application.

We still need to put everything together, which will require quite a lot of time. But we are very confident about the deadline.



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