Session 9

Hi everyone,

During the second week of Easter holidays, we sought to add features to our timer. We will place LEDs to indicate to the driver if he must accelerate or decelerate. This indication system allows to clearly see if we drive at the right speed. Jean-Loup cleaned the code that helps us to advance in this project. He has indeed remove unnecessary functions to optimize our code. We reflected on the practical aspect of our project. Indeed, we think about the integration of our components in a box. One member of the group has good ability in woodworking, he is going to create a handy box for placing the Arduino with GPS shield. The screen, the LEDs and the keyboard will be placed on the same face. We await the end of holidays to be together in order to advance our project. The project is now in the last lines and we have to solve problems and  test it on the road. Our majors problems will come from the the software which have to be really high level.

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