Session 8

Before the holiday, we improve our project. We are able to display the speed on the LCD screen. We began to use properly the function which found on the internet. A car ride was done to check the variation of speed. We were afraid not to get the GPS signal in the car, but the Arduino with GPS shield works correctly. At this time, we still need a PC to power the Arduino. Currently, we are still learning about the differents code that we will use. The library is quite high level and we have to understand all the devices. So we rode and analized all the lines. We saw that the distance from a point is in fact the distance between our position and London. We have to change it to make our rally timer. It will be one of our challenges for the project.

During the first week of Easter holidays, some people in the group went on holiday. The others have worked to their final essay and for their internship. So we didn’t work on our project during this week.

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