Session 11

During this week we had a lab on monday, during this lab we try to add some interface on our project. We improve the programming to display on some led the average speed. For the programming we used the average speed from the tiny gps plus library. With the information of the average speed we sitch on some green led to show at the driver his average speed for the journey. We try this programming in real time ine a car and we saw that we had a gap between the current vehicle speed and the speed recorded by the gps shield. In fact, it’s quite disapointing to not receive the good information at the right moment. Now, we have to find the real refresh data time and we have to compare this refresh time once the Arduino is connected to the computer. We looked for a programming solution to have the distance from a selected point instead of London which is basically programmed in it. Once achieved, we had to  programe the soft to compare in real time the time and the distance. Wehn we will have taht, the rally timmer will be allready done. 

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