Session 10

During this week, we didn’t have any lab session. Whereas we try to solve some issues. We had some problems to have the time easily on the screen. So we try to use a time module. With this device we allways have the current time. We don’t have to switch on the arduino to have the time. We tried to use it and embedded it into our basic programmation. Unfortunately, the programming doesn’t work. We decided to came back to our prevent idea. So we order an external battery supply to run the arduino without computer. Indeed, until now, the arduino was only running with the computer. At the end of the week we received the electronical components. We had to try our arduino wich is now powered by a cell. We tried to find the gps signal with the new device. We had no problem to find the signal but we thook that the signal is slower than with the alimentation with the computer. We will see the signal speed during a test on the road. On the road we saw that there was a litlle gap between the real speed and the gps speed. We will try to solve it during the next lab. 

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