Box and relays

Last week, we receive the relays. It’s a board of 4 relays. We order 2 boards because we have 4 solenoid valves and 2 pumps.

We were having trouble to use them because they are quite strange. They need a 5 volts power supply and to command the relays, we have to set the output at Low. The outputs of the Arduino are always on High and when we need to active them, we set the output at Low. So we had to change the code because during the last tests, we simulated the relays by LED’s.

We searched for a solution to put all the electronic stuff in the car. The solenoid valve and the pumps will be in position in the car. The electronic stuff will be in the passenger compartment. We will use the box of an old car radio. Like that, the LCD screen will be visible for the driver. And we will had a switch to choose between automatic mode and diesel mode.

The end of the project is coming.
Next step is to improve the code.

See you next week !

Savinien, François, Julien, Victor and Anthony

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