Test Lab

Hello everyone !

The week after the Easter holidays, we worked at the lab on our project. As we didn’t receive all the material yet, we simulate the pumps and the valve with LED. So we make a test installation to try the code of our project. We soldered pins on the LCD Screen, like that we can use it on a breadboard. We also adjust our power supply to deliver 7.5 volts to power the Arduino. It wasn’t easy because the adjustment screw is very delicate. As we don’t have the temperature sensor, we simulate it with a potentiometer.

With this installation, we test our code. But it doesn’t work as we wanted. We corrected some bugs but at the end of the lab, it wasn’t enable to run.

We have problems with the if loop. The program don’t enter in the loop.  We didn’t figure it out.

Our project isn’t finish yet but we are working to make it works !

See you soon !

Savinien, François, Julien, Victor and Anthony

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