Delivery week !

During the week of 18th of April, we finally receive our materials !
The ship from China arrived in Belgium. We receive the solenoid valves. We tested them and the four were working. That’s a good point ! We installed adaptors on them to connect pipes.

At the beginning, we wanted to use transistors to command these valves. But as they required a high amperage, we will use relays. It will be more reliable. The pumps will also be commanded by relays. We order two board of 4 relays on Amazon. It will take less time to be delivered than the valve ordered in China.

We worked also on the Arduino code, but we didn’t test it. So we don’t know if the new one is working.

Because of other projects, we didn’t have much time to work on this one. The next weeks will be more productive.

See you next time !

Savinien, François, Julien, Victor and Anthony

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